Nanoflam is a UK based manufacturer of water based chemicals, for the textile industry. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions for our customers. In the field of coatings for digital printing we can offer a range of bespoke products which are suitable for most common print technologies such as solvent and eco-solvent printing, UV-curable, dye-sublimation, latex-printing and waterbased pigment printing. Compounds are designed with or without any  form of flame retardant performance.
Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing.

In our new range of products Nanoflam can offer coatings designed for use with different ink systems, for example solvent and eco-solvent, UV-curable, dye-sublimation, latex and waterbased pigment printing. Products can also incorporate other properties such as flame retardancy, water repellancy, softness and crack resistance. Vibrant intense colours with sharp, well defined edges can be achieved with a minimum of ink usage and no ink penetration to the reverse side of the textile. 

Canvas Fine Art.

Nanoflam can offer a high white base coating for canvas art applications. This coating can be printed with various different ink systems, solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable or latex. It could also be used as a base coating to apply a secondary inkjet receptive coating for use with waterbased inks. A flame retardant version of this coating is also available if required. 

 White canvas for painting

Back Lit.

We can offer a coating system to be applied on flexible textile materials such as pre-treated knitted fabric to be used for backlit applications. This product is specially designed for application as a foam backcoating and can be FR or non FR depending on the end use. Best print results on these backlit products are achieved when printed with sublimation inks on the uncoated side.

Digital Printable Coatings

We have developed a number of new paste coatings which can be applied on different types of fabrics to be used as substrates for digital printing. Cotton, polyester or mixed yarn fabrics can be used as base material and de pending on the end user and type of coating techniques we can offer the best solutions for each application. 

Blinds and BO

Specially designed paste/foam coatings can be applied on PES fabric and used for UV-, (eco)solvent- or latex inks to be used for customized rollerblind application. These roller blinds find end uses for home decoration, advertising or the hospitality market, they can be produced with or without flame retardant chemistry addition.

Fire Retardant Protective Clothing

High temperature protection, including Silicone coatings that provide the required protection for fire retardant protective fabrics, capable of meeting a number of testing standards.

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