We produce coatings for a range of textile industries.

Nanoflam Ltd manufactures a range of textile coatings which can be applied as foam or paste by use of knife-over-roller or airknife, screen-coating, padding or spraying to a wide range of textile substrates such as knitted, woven or nonwoven constructions.
Nanoflam products are suitable for application to most fibre types and blends. Formulations can be modified to meet individual customer requirements and whilst all products can be applied on conventional machinery we will adjust formulations to perform on specific application machines as necessary.
 Textile coating products for upholstery fabrics


Nanoflam produces a wide range of textile coating products which confer flame retardant performance on upholstery fabrics to meet both UK domestic regulations and contract furnishing specifications depending on the area of application. These backcoatings are designed to enhance other properties of the upholstery fabric where needed for example improved seam slippage or abrasion resistance...

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 Coating compounds for roller blinds and curtains

Blinds & Drapes.

At Nanoflam we use our specialist coating compounds for many of the blinds and drapes that you will see in the top retail outlets. We are very familiar with the need to meet exact technical standards within industries, which is why our thermal curtain lining and blackout backing for curtains is...

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 Producer of water-based chemicals for the textile industry

Digital printing.

Nanoflam is a UK based manufacturer of water based chemicals, for the textile industry. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions for our customers. In the field of coatings for digital printing we can offer a range of bespoke products which are suitable for most common print technologies such as solvent and eco-solvent printing, UV-curable, Dye-sublimation, Latex-printing and waterbased pigment printing...

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 Water-based chemicals for the textile industry


Nanoflam is a UK based manufacturer of water based chemicals, for the textile industry. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions for our customers. We can offer Fire retardant solutions in a range of different chemistries for the transport sector which includes commercial, and domestic vehicles, mass transportation covering aviation, marine, rail and bus/coach...

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 Specialized coating products used for outdoor textiles


Nanoflam can provide a range of high performance specialist coating products that are used for outdoor textiles to the meet the demanding performance of the industry. All of our processes and results follow strict industry guidelines and comply with a huge range of test standards, helping you to guarantee...

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 Green grass with water drops


Nanoflam innovates advanced coating technologies to provide multi-functional, high performance coatings for woven, knitted and nonwoven technical textiles. These products are formulated to fulfil a range of functional and aesthetic properties such as flame retardancy, water repellency and durability while maintaining the look and feel of the fabric...

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