Our awareness.

At Nanoflam, we value and respect the world around us. We are aware of our potential environmental impact and recognize the importance of a sustainable world. We are constantly challenging our processes to ensure our business is operating both economically and with a minimal impact on the environment.
 Father and son are planting a tree
 We value and respect nature

Nanoflam is a Global Leader in the manufacture of
water-based chemical compounds.

Nanoflam is committed to exceptionally high standards in business, and to sustainable operations. As such, we are proud to be registered under the Quality Standard ISO 9001, the Environmental ISO 14001 and the Health & Safety ISO 45001.

Almost zero waste.

We operate our site with almost zero waste. Recyling or reusing our packaging and minimising our chemical waste.

Quality standards.

Our products are able to comply with the highest standards of our customer, such as meeting the requirements of Oekotex and ZDHC. 
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly.

As with most of the industry we are continuing to strive to find the best environmental solutions for the products that we make, both in terms of the chemicals we use and the ease with which they can be processed, having minimal impact on the environment.

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