Nanoflam produces a wide range of textile coating products which confer flame retardant performance on upholstery fabrics to meet both UK domestic regulations and contract furnishing specifications depending on the area of application. These backcoatings are designed to enhance other properties of the upholstery fabric where needed for example improved seam slippage or abrasion resistance. With our extensive knowledge of the market requirements we can ensure that we develop the optimum products to meet your and your customers needs without compromise on performance or quality.


We produce a wide range of compounds and can also design bespoke formulated products to meet your particular application and performance requirements. Our unrivalled experience of the market means that our products can be formulated to give cost effective answers to the marketplace demands whilst maintaining compliance with the required standards.

Fire protective coatings

Domestic Upholstery.

Nanoflam produces a range of backcoatings for application by any method suitable for the fabric including foam, paste, roller, screen or spray method to meet the requirements of the UK’s Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. The majority of products are based on the traditional Antimony trioxide/bromine donor chemistry but increasingly customers are asking for halogen free versions of coatings and in response Nanoflam have developed a range of halogen free backcoatings which can be used to treat upholstery fabrics based on cellulosic, synthetic and blends of fibres to meet FR demands.

Contract Upholstery.

Nanoflam produces coating products/systems for application to contract upholstery fabrics. Most commonly to meet the requirements of BS7176, medium hazard (cigarette, match and crib 5) testing but also for other levels of performance depending on the end use of the furniture. Nanoflam FR coating for contract upholstery can be used in conjunction with a laminated film or an acrylic paste coating to give enhanced hydrostatic head performance as well.

 Upholstery coating
Halogen-free upholstery back coatings

Halogen Free products.

Nanoflam has developed a range of halogen free upholstery FR backcoatings. There are 2 types of halogen free formulations based on phosphorus chemistry, one of which is based on encapsulated red phosphorus and consequently the compound has a red colour, the second is white. The white product works well on fabrics with a high cellulosic content although it also works on some blends and the red product is more suitable for synthetic fabrics and blends. Both products meet the strict demands of manufacturers restricted substances lists (MRSLs) currently required by some end users.

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