Nanoflam can provide a range of high performance specialist coating products that are used for outdoor textiles to the meet the demanding performance of the industry. All of our processes and results follow strict industry guidelines and comply with a huge range of test standards, helping you to guarantee the quality and reliability of your fabrics. Our extensive formulation, application knowledge and production capabilities will ensure that we can develop the optimum product to meet your specified needs. We aim to provide bespoke and innovative formulated products to enhance the performance of a huge range of textiles.

Awnings and Parasols.

We have developed a number of products which provide a fire retardent performance for a range of different fabrics which are used for awnings and parasols. These include acrylic, polyester and polypropylene fibres. Our FR coatings are transparent and in conjunction with other treatments can also provide a water and oil repellency. Such treatments can be applied by backcoating or padding.

Coatings for awnings and umbrellas
 Durable fireproof coatings

Outdoor Upholstery.

We offer to the market durable fire retardant coatings which provide the level of fire protection needed, whether this be for the contract or domestic standard which can withstand the more rigorous outdoor environment.


A range of our products are particularly suitable for automotive applications, these range from seating, to textile furnishings, sound deadening applications and specialised flocking. Our Fire Retardant applications used  in this market can be used to meet specifications required of the industry e.g. FMVSS302 and Crib 5.

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