Nanoflam is a UK based manufacturer of water based chemicals, for the textile industry. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions for our customers. We can offer fire retardant solutions in a range of different chemistries for the transport sector which includes commercial and domestic vehicles and mass transportation covering aviation, marine, rail and bus/coach.

 Various types of fabrics for seats, headlining and door trim


In our range of automotive backcoating products we can offer both halogen free and traditional antimony/halogen containing compounds to meet the requirements of the FMVSS 302 FR test. These compounds are specifically formulated to give the soft handle, low formaldehyde and low fogging performance required for use on a range of different fabric types and for various areas of the car, including seating, headliners and door trims.

Mass Transportation and Commercial Vehicles.

We have developed a number of products to meet vertical flame test requirements of the new fire test legislation (ECE 118.02) for passenger vehicles and trucks which were introduced in 2020. 

These products also address the other required properties such as soft handle, low fogging, air permeability and are included in the OEKO-TEX approved active products list  of flame retardancy (product class IV).

 Textile coatings for mass transit and commercial vehicles
 Fireproof textiles used in the aerospace industry

Aircraft and Marine.

Nanoflam also have products which will meet the flame retardancy requirements of textiles to be used in the aircraft industry FAR 25.853 and in the marine industry IMO parts 5,7,8 and 9 for various textiles used in boats.


A range of our products are particularly suitable for automotive applications, these range from seating, to textile furnishings, sound deadening applications and specialised flocking. Our Fire Retardant applications used  in this market can be used to meet specifications required of the industry e.g. FMVSS302 and Crib 5.

Textile Wallcoverings

Our products designed for this market are formulated to bespoke requirements in terms of application and performance needs. Our products can be used as adhesive layers, or as face coats offering a range of benefits. With our extensive experience in Fire Retardant applications we offer both standard and Fire Retardant products for this market.

Fire Retardant Protective Clothing

High temperature protection, including Silicone coatings that provide the required protection for fire retardant protective fabrics, capable of meeting a number of testing standards.

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