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How to clean vertical blinds without removing them? The easiest guide

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Vertical blinds are becoming more and more common in apartments and homes. They are gaining popularity due to their design, which allows them to adjust and dispense natural light while they look stylish in any room. An additional advantage is that they collect far less dust than horizontal blinds. However, this does not mean that you can forget about cleaning them. Proper care of blinds will keep them clean for years, saving you the time and nerves of buying new ones. 


Therefore, how to clean blinds to get rid of dust, stubborn stains, and even mold? How to keep them from stains for a long time? If you already have blinds or are just planning to buy them - be sure to check out this tutorial. We'll show you simple but effective ways to make your blinds regain their former luster and look like new. Best of all: without taking them down!

Before you start

Before you start cleaning your blinds, it is essential to find out what materials they are made of because the way you clean your vertical blinds depends on this.

1) Wood

Wooden vertical blinds require gentle detergents and microfiber cloths that won't damage them while still allowing them to be thoroughly cleaned. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment.

Source: Rodak.in

2) PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

For verticals made of PVC, it is recommended that they be cleaned by hand. The best way to do this is with detergent and a microfiber cloth. However, if the stains and dirt are stubborn, you will be forced to wash them in a washing machine. In this case, secure the blinds for example in a pillowcase. This will reduce the risk of breaking or bending. 

3) Fabrics

Verticals made of synthetic polyester fabric can be washed in a washing machine, by hand, or with detergent and a microfiber cloth.

4) Lacquered aluminum

If you own such blinds, clean them with a cloth soaked in antibacterial soap or mild detergent.

Simple ways to clean vertical blinds without taking them down

If your vertical blinds don't require thorough cleaning or are made of wood, painted aluminum, or PVC, be sure to use any of these methods. Each of them is proven and will help clean your blinds without putting much effort into it.

Young woman with rechargeable vacuum cleaner cleaning the house

1. Vacuuming

This method is suitable for all materials. Vacuuming once every two weeks with a special vacuum cleaner attachment will keep your blinds fresh. It will also prevent more dirt, which will be difficult to deal with in the future.

2. Spot cleaning (suitable for: wood, PVC, and painted aluminum)

Cleaning detergent and a microfiber cloth are also ideal for getting rid of dirt quickly. However, you need to be careful with synthetic polyester material, on which too much detergent or water can leave stains. You'd better use the next method if you have just such blinds.

3. Wiping the blinds with a microfiber cloth

Wiping a gently dampened microfiber cloth with antibacterial soap along the blind strands is also a good idea. Caution! Remember to thoroughly squeeze the cloth from excess water. This way, you will avoid stains and keep your blinds in perfect condition for much longer!


What if your blinds need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned? Do not fear! Below we will show you how to do it step by step!

Thorough cleaning of blinds. Step-by-step instructions:

If your blinds have traces of grease or other hard to remove substances on them, they probably need to be taken down and thoroughly cleaned by additional means. Below you will find a detailed guide on how to deal with this.
Bag with cleaning tools and solutions

1. Remove vertical blinds

1) Before dismantling, vacuum the curtain rod and blinds.

2) Then open the lamellas. There must be space between them.

3) Detach the guide chain from the bottom of each lamella.

4) Remove the weights from the belt. Unhook the blinds and lay them carefully on a flat surface so they stay intact.

5) Remove the hangers attaching each louver to the railing from the top of each louver, sliding them out to the sides.

6) Grasp the top of the lamellas near the slider and turn them slightly, lifting them 3-5 mm. You should hear a characteristic click. Then bend the strip towards the long part of the fixing clip and pull it down sharply.

7) Done!

2. Place the blinds in a large bowl or tub

Fill the bowl/bathtub with water. It must not be hot or above 30 degrees C. Otherwise, you may damage the fabric of the blind and even dissolve the glue that holds the structure if you have a hanging blind with a weight at the bottom.

3. Soak the blinds and gently wipe away stains with a cloth or sponge

Gently wipe the blinds with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth from top to bottom. You can use antibacterial soap or a mild detergent for this. Do it very gently, and be careful not to damage the fabric!

4. Take the blinds out of the water and dry them

If necessary, after taking the blinds out of the water, dry them with a towel and lay them flat so they can dry completely. Do not hang wet blinds, as they may stretch. Once dry, mount the blinds and hang.

5. Done!

To put them back on, follow all the steps from our tutorial in reverse order :-).

How to get rid of mold from vertical curtains and prevent its formation?

Disinfector with protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants on a cloth

1. How to get rid of mold on your own

Vertical blinds are great for homes and offices, but unfortunately, they are prone to mold. This is often the result of exposure to moisture and overheating. Cleaning this out can be challenging. It's making many people opt to throw out the blinds or get help from a professional. Of course, sometimes this is unavoidable, but the appearance of mold doesn't always have to mean buying new blinds for you. Here's how you can clean them yourself!

1) Vacuum the blinds and remove them, as we outlined above.

2) Choose the cleaning method: by hand or in a washing machine.

3) If you want to clean the blinds by hand, be sure to use a detergent adequately selected for the material they are made of, undiluted vinegar.

4) If, on the other hand, you use a washing machine, first read the instructions on the label. The washing mode must be adjusted appropriately for the blinds to avoid damage. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature and the number of rotations - if you make a mistake, the blinds may as well be thrown in the trash.

2. How to prevent mold from forming

If mold often appears on your blinds or you are worried that it might, we have a solution for you. There are many ways to take care of your blinds and maintain them. Here are some of them:

1) Expose your blinds to sunlight regularly.

2) Try to ventilate the rooms frequently to get rid of moisture.

3) Be sure to vacuum your vertical blinds.

4) Try to perform a thorough cleaning every so often.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should vertical blinds be cleaned?

This depends on the material they are made of. However, we recommend vacuuming the blinds at least twice a month and try to get rid of unexpected dirt right away. On the other hand, thorough cleaning by hand, in a washing machine or by a specialist is recommended at least once a year.

2. Can you iron vertical blinds?

Yes! This is not only a way to improve their appearance but also to refresh and clean them.

3. With what specific product can I clean vertical blinds?

There are many options. Of course, a mild detergent is enough, but undiluted vinegar is also suitable. If you prefer natural substances, we recommend a solution with tea tree oil (one teaspoon per glass of water), which will bring a fresh, herbal scent into the room, or clove oil (a quarter teaspoon per liter of water). This should definitely help you give your blinds their former shine!

Cleaning vertical blinds may seem complicated, but we've shown you that you don't have to fear it at all. There are many materials and even more possibilities. If you care about cleanliness, restoring the luster of your blinds, and pleasing your eye with them, then you are already perfectly prepared to take care of them. Good luck!