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Halogen -Free FR Roller Blinds

In recent years in Europe the terms Environmentally Friendly, Carbon Neutral, Sustainability, and Global Warming have gone from terms used in marketing presentations, at high level meetings and government policies, to things we hear and see every day.

The ordinary consumer is now paying attention, to the products they buy not only from a practical and cost standpoint but also from a “am I doing my bit “perspective.

As a Chemical supplier Nanoflam has been considering these issues for several years, with compliance to regulations such a COSHH and REACH defining what Chemicals we can use and how we can handle, label and dispose of them in a way that’s best for the environment.

Flame Retardants for Home furnishings are a major part of our business and we have spent a lot of time and effort to develop next generation products that enable us to move to Greener solutions and move away from traditional Brominated systems that has severed us well technically.

In Europe REACH has identified many traditional “Old School” flame retardants as SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) which starts a process leading to an eventual ban on the Chemical. The USA, with the Cal Prop 65 regulations and other State and Federal laws is following similar path.

Moreover, industries are stepping up and asking their suppliers to meet more stringent requirements than current legislation demands.

So, what are Flame Retardants?

A flame retardant (FR) is an additive that is added to a textile substrate enhancing its ability to delay flames and prevent flames from spreading. This can help to extend escape time from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, a lifesaving few extra minutes. Different flame retardants work using different mechanisms, matching the flame retardant to the textile substrate, to the application technique and the technical specification is the key.

What are Nanoflam doing to comply with all these new regulations?

At Nanoflam we have a combined experience on formulating and application of flame retardants of over 150 years. We work closely with current suppliers on new and novel solutions, but also cultivate new technologies, stepping outside traditional textile areas and working with suppliers of Flame retardants in other industries to find cost effective technical solutions that meet our needs.

We have developed a new range of products for all our traditional coating areas, that we market under the Nanoflam Eco brand, these are Halogen-Free Flame retardants and other product ranges include Formaldehyde Free and Ammonia free formulations.

What’s new in Roller Blinds?

Nanoflam are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of ready to use formulated products for Roller Blind applications. Our Expertise in foam coating technologies is second to none.

We have developed a range of foam coated blackout products that will meet the current flame-retardant standards that customers need.




DIN4102 B1




NFP 92-503(on Glass Fibre)


Our Products can be applied by:

Stable Foam Coating; Knife/Paste; Padding; End fabrics can be Blackout; Translucent; Colour coated;

Whatever your needs we have a solution


Stable foam


BS160HF – Used as the 1st and 3rd layer

Pigments can be added to colour of Choice

  • TiO2 Slurry WP40 can be added for enhanced whiteness and opacity
  • BS161HF Black

Extra Black pigment can be added if needed

  • Knife Paste Coating BP108HF

Supplied at a lower viscosity for easier addition of pigments..

  • Translucent
    • Knife Paste Coating BP103HF
  • Nanoflam WP26 may be added to increase viscosity of BP103HF and BP108HF to desired level

Padding BD102HF

  • Can be used as supplied or diluted to desired concentration, Imparts stiffness as well as FR.
  • Our Technical team is on hand to support you in any developments

Contact us at office@nanoflam.com

Halogen-Free FR Blinds

Focusing on the future, Nanoflam have developed a new range of Halogen free FR solutions for the treatment of Window coverings.

In the development process we wanted to produce compounds that were as sustainable as possible, had the lowest carbon footprint and met the highest Environmental standards. I hope that you will agree with us that we have succeeded.

Technical data


  • Halogen free
    • No Bromine,
    • No Deca-BDE
    • PBDE Free
    • No Chlorinated plasticizers
  • No Heavy Metals
    • No Antimony
  • PFOS and PFOA Free
  • No Organophosphates
  • Not Carcinogenic
    • No added formaldehyde
  • Non disrupting of the reproductive system
  • Not Bio-accumulative


Net Zero compliance

  • Our products are manufactured from our own 100% Renewable energy source.
  • Our manufacturing process is almost completely closed loop eliminating wastewater.
  • Our compounds dewater very easily, they need less energy, and it allows you to run your machine faster.

Net Zero compliance

  • Reach compliant
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified
  • ZDHC compliant.
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